The high-end electric eBike marque rolls out new customer incentives for American market.

With the recent announcement of Energica becoming the sole manufacturer for the new FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, the company is going full steam ahead in an all-out effort to get its name out there and attract new customers. The publicity stemming from the exclusive use of Ego Corsa racers in the new electric grand prix cup has gotten a lot of attention, and Energica is capitalizing on this by announcing special factory-to-dealer incentives on the fully-electric 2017 EVA and EGO models.

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Energica is allowing customers to pick from monthly financing as low as 3.990 percent APR or monthly payments starting as low as just $265.71 for the 2017 EVA, and $287.90 for the 2017 EGO. Monthly payments on the 2018 models are markedly steeper, with the 2018 EVA’s monthly payment starting at $389.43 and the EGO’s at $389.43 (and for anyone curious the sexy 2018 EVA ESSE ESSE9’s monthly’s start at $367.33).

The 2017 Energica EVA

The 2017 Energica EVA

This means both of Energica’s 2017 models can now be purchased for under $20K. Combine this with government rebates, tax deductions, and other federal, local, or state incentives, and the savings begin to add up.

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The 2017 Energica EGO

The 2017 Energica EGO

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Though this is seemingly just the start, it’s becoming increasingly clear that electric vehicles will continue to make up a larger and larger percentage of vehicles sold every year. Electric cars and motorcycles do differ in some key ways - making predicting the feature of eBIkes pretty tricky. Cars are used by most people to simply get from A to B, as where motorcycles are more about enjoying the ride. For some people it’s a simple, economical way to commute, but those people probably aren't the ones shelling out a cool $20,000 for a two-wheeler.

Photos: Energica and Sjerp Kramer

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