Petersen Automotive Museum rolls out world’s first “alternative customs” exhibition curated by human moto-encyclopedia and renowned journalist, Paul d’Orleans

Paul d'Orleans is easily one of the most respect motorcycle journalists working today. In addition to serving as an expert consultant for elite auction houses, contributing to publications like CycleWorld, and founding the Vintangent, d'Orleans recently announced that he's curating an upcoming customs exhibit at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum.


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The Petersen Automotive Museum is an impressive multistory facility in Los Angeles, California, that houses hundreds of elite cars and bikes. Along with the museum's permanent collection, new exhibits constantly cycle through such as last year's "Harley-Davidson Vs. Indian Exhibit".

A look at 2017's H-D Vs Indian exhibit at the Petersen Auto Museum

The show will include examples like Mark Atkinson's BMW "Alpha" landspeeder, Medaza's "Rondine", Alp Racing Designs' "Asymmetric Aero", NYC Norton's "Ghost Fairing Seeley", Shinya Kimura's "Needle", Kraus Motors' "E-Lisabad", Max Hazan's "Musket II", one of Bandit9’s new “L-Concept” bikes, and a slew of other unorthodox, world class, one-off two-wheelers.

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The exhibition will have a private opening reception that reportedly includes live entertainment, specialty cocktails, gourmet food, and a panel discussion with d'Orleans, Jay Leno, the LA Times' best-selling author Charles Fleming, Petersen board member Richard Varner, and Petersen founding chairman Bruce Meyer.


Paul d'Orleans' "Custom Revolution" exhibit opens at 6:15PM on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at the Petersen Automotive Museum at 6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036. Tickets are $45, with a 10 percent discount offered to members of the museum. Tickets are available here.

Alp Design Asymmetric Aero, 2014. Photo by Derek Althen.
Mark Atkinson BMW Alpha, 2017. Photo by Mike Flores.
Kingston Custom White Phantom, 2016. Photo courtesy of Kingston Custom.
Medaza Rondine, 2013. Photo by Philip Tooth.
Thrive T-005 Cross, 2018. Photo courtesy of Thrive Motorcycle.


Additional photos courtesy of Petersen Automotive Museum and Tim Huber


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