During practice for this weekend's MotoGP race at Mugello, Marc Marquez had an absolutely huge crash. Because he was wearing an airbag-equipped Alpinestars TechAir suit a) he walked away without injury b) the entire crash was datalogged. Here's those numbers.

By The Numbers: Marc Marquez's Mugello Crash

- Speed at time of loss of control: 337.9 Km/H (209.9 Mph).

- First impact with ground: 0.080 seconds after crash detection.

- First impact with ground: 0.030 seconds after full airbag inflation (airbags inflated in 0.050 seconds).

- Maximum (recorded) energy in crash: 25g (the Tech Air system accelerometers' maximum energy recording capability, meaning the actual impact was likely more severe).

- Duration of significant data during the accident: 4.250 seconds.

By The Numbers: Marc Marquez's Mugello Crash

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