Can you accomplish near-total motorcycle security for around $200? Well, that's how much my setup costs and, at home or on the go, it locks my bikes to an immovable object, immobilizes a wheel and sounds a piercing alarm if the bike or locks are messed with. Read all about it in this Xena XX15 Disc Lock Alarm and Chain Adaptor review.

The full setup pictured here includes a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain ($100 on Amazon), plus the Xena XX15 Disk Lock Alarm and Chain Adaptor Combo ($100 on Amazon). We're going to focus on the Xena products in this review.

The Gear

The XX15 is the biggest, strongest disc lock alarm in Xena's range. The lock body is a very large, single piece of stainless steel with a large cutout that will fit around any brake disc, leaving plenty of room for the 14mm carbide steel locking pin to pass through.

Inside that stainless body is a motion detector powered by an included CR2 Lithium battery. If the bike or lock are jostled in any way, it gives you a few seconds of warning beeps before sounding a 120dB alarm. It's as loud and as sensitive as any of the more-expensive alarms that install inside a motorcycle and is probably harder to defeat. There's no way to unlock, open or even touch the XX15 without sounding the alarm and penetrating its stainless body will be exceptionally difficult.

You access the alarm module and battery by using a special tool (included) to slide a lever inside the base plate that will be totally inaccessible if the lock is clamped around a brake disc.

Addressing customer complaints that its previous disc lock alarms were too sensitive to certain environmental occurrences like wind and passing trucks, Xena has redesigned its alarm sensor to remove those variables without reducing its sensitivity to tampering.

The stainless steel chain adapter neatly slots into the disc lock without reducing the depth of its aperture. It can accept any security chains up to 14 mm in diameter and the shackles of those chains protects most of the Adaptor's length, eliminating any potential vulnerabilities.

Xena XX15 Disc Lock Alarm and Chain Adaptor

Xena XX15 Disc Lock Alarm and Chain Adaptor

The Good

Eliminates the need to modify a bike's wiring harness in order to install an alarm. Won't drain your bike's battery.

Excellent battery life; a single CR2 in my previous Xena lock lasted over a year of daily use.

Adds two layers of security in a single, convenient product.

Can't lock without using the key, meaning there's no chance of accidentally stranding yourself.

Hugely strong and immensely reassuring security.

Anti-tamper, anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-freeze lock.

Shockingly loud alarm can be heard blocks away, from inside your house or even outside your garage. Being near while it sounds is an extremely unpleasant experience.

Thieves will be forced to crop your chain or remove your anchor long before they'll be able to defeat the XX15, with it sounding that 120dB alarm all the while.

Attaching a disc lock is much quicker and easier than looping a chain through the wheel and doesn't cover your hands in road muck and brake dust.

The disc lock/chain adaptor combo effectively increases the useable length of your chain as it no longer has to wrap through wheel and tire. Anyone who's ever tried to pass a chain around a thick lamppost or been forced to lock up in otherwise awkward circumstances will appreciate the extra four to six inches that nets you.

The warning beeps double as a reminder if you hop on the bike after forgetting to remove the disc lock. No need for a lanyard or other reminder.

Great for road trips. Park your bike outside your tent or motel room safe in the knowledge that, if anyone touches it, you'll be alerted.

Xena XX15 Disc Lock Alarm and Chain Adaptor

Xena XX15 Disc Lock Alarm and Chain Adaptor

The Bad

The XX15 is large and heavy, making it difficult to squeeze under the seats of modern bikes. If you don't need the chain adaptor, the smaller, cheaper XX6 is just as effective.

For purposes of maximum security, the alarm will sound throughout the battery swap process. We admire the no-loopholes approach, but man does it hurt your ears.

Using the disc lock as the means to lock the chain to your bike means you're not securing both wheels.

Inserting the key can be a fiddly process, especially in tight quarters. I set off the alarm as a result for a few seconds once a week or so.

The Verdict

Extraordinarily effective security in one affordable, convenient package. Paired with a quality chain and used with a paranoid mindset, the Xena XX15 and Chain Adaptor combo will be the most effective tool in your anti-theft arsenal. A must buy for any urban rider.

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