The Vice WP’s withstood my first accident and... still manage to look like a pair of sneakers? Cortech wins casual wear with the Vice WP Riding Shoe

I got a great set of gear from Cortech about a month ago – the Vice WP Riding Shoe, Women’s LRX 2.0 Jacket, and Women’s DX 2 gloves. For this post, I’ll focus on the shoes. The Vice WP’s withstood my first accident and still managed to look like a pair of sneakers. I'm a fan!

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Style On and Off the Bike

The Vice WP’s are Cortech’s most casual boot. Cortech is known for its racing boots, but with these they’ve proven their casual wear prowess as well. The shoes look more like high-top sneakers than riding boots, which I like – it means I can wear them anywhere without bringing attention to myself. Sometimes it feel like every guy who’s ever been on a bike will see a girl in motorcycle gear and take it as an invitation for storytelling. These discrete sneaker look-a-likes should help keep the storytelling at bay.

Unique Look, Classic Construction

They may look a little different, but the Vice WP Riding Shoe has all the ingredients of a good, effective boot. They're made with water-resistant leather and heavy-duty canvas. They also feature reflective logos and heel trim for visibility and anti-slip rubber soles.

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The Complete Cortech Look

The Complete Cortech Look

The WP’s faired alright in the SoCal heat. They use HiPora tech that claims to be breathable and waterproof “anywhere, any weather.” I’d give them a B+ in this case, only because I think the “anywhere, any weather” part is sort of misleading. SoCal heat is an extreme, and I’m not sure if there’s tech that exists today that could make my feet anything but uncomfortably warm under all those protective layers. With that in mind, the shoes could have performed a lot worse – I tend to think they would have maintained a comfortable temperature if the weather was only about 6 or 7 degrees cooler. (The high temperatures on the days I’ve been riding have consistently been above 100 degrees.)

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But the most important and impressive thing about these boots is the protection. Unfortunately, I took too sharp a turn into a lookout point a couple weeks ago and slid on some gravel. The slide ended with my ankle wedged under a 422-pound Honda Forza. But, lo and behold, my feet and ankles were a-okay—not a bruise to be seen. The fabric proved to be really durable too – here’s my left shoe afterwards. As you can see there are no rips, just some dust.

Cortech's Sneaker Look-A-Like: the Vice WP Riding Shoe - Gear Review

One Little Thing...

I only have one issue: The color of the shoes rub off on your socks. I have a pair of white socks with two black streaks on them now. I guess you could prevent that effect by only wearing the Vice WP’s with dark socks, but only if someone gives you a heads up. Now, aren’t you glad you have me for that?

Pick Up Your Own Pair

The pair is listed at $109.99 on Cortech’s website. I’ve only had mine for about a month, but I’m expecting them to last a while.

Cortech's Sneaker Look-A-Like: the Vice WP Riding Shoe - Gear Review
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