When I go out on my Hawk, I want to hear it. It’s got a sweet exhaust note, and in fact, that’s what sold me on this particular Hawk (out of all the other Hawks in the world) in the first place. However, I also always wear earplugs, because wind noise is a genuine problem and I like being able to hear. I also used to play live music, and I wore ear protection onstage, too. If you choose well, you can still hear and appreciate sounds while also not destroying your hearing. 

You may need to experiment to find the right earplugs for you. As Kate explained, human ear canals come in all different shapes and sizes, so what works great for your BFF might not work as well for you. Whether you choose disposable foam earplugs or reusable, washable ones, just make sure you integrate them into your routine to protect yourself from wind noise while you’re seeking out the best roads in your area.