Peer pressure is real; even if you aren’t in school anymore, and even among other riders. Your best friend might ride a Harley or a Ducati and think they’re the best bikes in the world, to the point where they won’t shut up about it. To them, that might be true. Is it true to you, though? Only you know the real answer, and it’s fine if that answer is no. 

There are so many bikes in the world, folks. So many. Look for the one that speaks to you. Your buddy or that old guy down the street who’s been riding since the ‘60s isn’t the one riding that bike; you are. Maybe you like vintage scooters. Maybe you’re like me, and you opted for a maxi-scooter because you were being practical AF and it suited your needs at the time. Know what? It’s not my only bike, and your first bike doesn’t have to be your only bike, either.  

That’s another thing, too. As you grow and learn and change as a motorcyclist, you may find that you hold different opinions, wants, and needs in the future than you do right now. That’s also completely normal, and something to look forward to. After all, someone’s got to keep buying those random bikes on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and Craigslist, right? Right.