Most of us, whether we ride or not, probably have instincts that tell us shorts and bikinis aren’t the best clothes for riding. Still, when I first started out, I made at least one regrettable gear mistake that I’ll now share with you. 

I had a helmet, I had a jacket, I had gloves, and I had proper motorcycle boots that went over the ankle. I thought I’d be fine in plain old jeans, and when I wasn’t crashing, that was true. 

The one time I did crash on the way to work, I went down hard on my left knee. Guess who ended up not being able to ride or walk without a crutch for months? Guess who probably could have avoided it if she’d been wearing riding pants with knee armor? It wasn’t a serious crash, but even minor ones can mess you up. Please learn from my mistake and wear armored riding pants so you can walk away and show off that gnarly new dent in your tank while you swear as you look up new mirror and lever prices online.