The first time you try something, you might do a wonderful job, but inevitably learn things along the way that you’d change on your second try.

KTM took that same approach with the 890 Duke R, taking the existing strengths of the 790 Duke and honing them to a razor-sharp edge. Amp up the power, torque, and handling characteristics and you get a truly exciting middleweight contender that’s ready to take on all comers in its class.  

MSRP for the 890 Duke R is US $11,699, plus a freight charge of $550. That’s exactly $1000 more than the cost of the 790 Duke. Is it worth it? Let me work it. I’ll put this bike down, flip it and reverse it. On paper, it seems like you’re getting some pretty significant upgrades for the money, but the true test will come when rider reviews start rolling in.