“Would you like more R with your CBR?” Honda, probably. With a name like CBR1000RR-R, you have to be a pretty badass-looking bike to make up for the silliness of the R galore. Thankfully, the new Fireblade (not to spell out CBR1000RR-R again. Oh wait.) brings plenty of sass to keep us from wanting to poke (too much) fun at the naming convention. 

It runs on a 999cc inline-four teamed with a six-speed gearbox that produces 215 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque for 443 pounds. With its aggressive wasp-like fairing and more-than-humanly-needed power figures, the model has plenty of curb appeal for the sport riding aficionados out there. The good news is that according to early reports, the new Fireblade rides as good as it looks.