“Um, Jacob, this isn’t coming next year, it hasn’t even been announced yet, what are you on about?”. Maybe, but when BMW showed off its sexy Vision DC Roadster concept in June and followed up with press rides of the E-Power Roadster late in the year, it showed us that an electric bike is very much on the cards and in late stages of development. I would bet money that a production model will be announced before year’s end. Kawasaki is working on one too, and you can bet they’re not the only ones. The specs on the E-Power were interesting: massive 639-pound curb weight, teeny-tiny 2.9-second 0 to 60 mph time. That’s a lot of energy and the forces must feel incredible. Mostly, I’m just excited to see what BMW can do with the weight of its hybrid and EV development brought to bear on the motorcycle market.