Despite rumors of a half-a-V4 engine coming to Ducati’s, the baby Panigale that was spotted earlier in 2019 prompted a number of sources to suggest the engine was an upgraded iteration of the existing 959 instead. That’s not what Ducati had in mind. 

True enough, the half-a-V4 mill we initially anticipated showed up in the metal in Rimini. The firm introduced the Panigale V2 as a more user-friendly version of the famous sportbike, one that’s easy to commute on. Wadda you know, a Ducati for the masses? The Panigale V2 uses a 955cc engine rated at a respectable 155 horsepower and 76.7 lb-ft of torque. Look-wise, the model pretty much is a slightly downsized Panigale, tipping the scales at 388 lb.