If not one of the most anticipated models, the Streetfighter V4 certainly is the most tease model. With rumors surfacing as early as February 2019 and the first naked V4 spotted in May following by a series of teasers and highly-publicized tryouts, the Streetfighter was a long time coming. 

Finally, the model in production form showed up on the Ducati stage during the event. The hypernaked uses the same 1,103cc V4 introduced in the Panigale two years ago. Power is rated at 208 horsepower and 90.4 lb-ft of torque. The funkiest part about these numbers is that all that power propels a bike that weighs 397 lb (dry, but still). That’s some delicious power-to-weight ratio for you right there. 

In addition to the engine, the new V4 borrows from the Pani the same suite of electronic assists and techs. Though the base is similar to its fully-faire counterpart, the Streetfighter has a look of its own with a design apparently inspired by The Joker.