One of the most iconic motorcycles to ever appear on the silver screen, this was one of three 650cc TR6Rs that was prepared for the filming of The Great Escape

By now, you know the story—McQueen did many of his own stunts, but for insurance purposes, was not allowed to do That Jump within the movie. Instead, his friend and talented stuntman Bud Ekins did the jump on film—but McQueen allegedly did the jump himself just for fun once the cameras were off.

Building the TR6R for movie purposes required much stronger front forks, as you might imagine. Extensive restoration that left all movie-related dings and dents intact was performed before this bike was proudly displayed at Triumph’s Hinckley HQ in 2017. Some time in between its film career and its rightful place of honor at Triumph, it was also allegedly used to herd cows. If those cows only knew!