As the 70s wore on and Elvis got weirder, so did his taste in bikes. Nowhere is that weirdness more on display than in The King's collection of 70s trikes.

His first trike was a Rupp Centaur, a supremely weird...thing out of Mansfield, OH, powered by a two-stroke Kohler mill that you can bet I'll be covering in an upcoming Cycleweird. The Centaur was plagued with issues, so Elvis parked it and grabbed a pair of VW-powered trikes like the one shown here.

Called the Super Stallion, this vision in fiberglass and metalflake was built from a kit designed by a company out of Garden Grove, CA, called Trikes By Stires. It seated two, had a crazy raked-out springer front end, and an air-cooled, Beetle-derived VW 1600 mill and transaxle out back.