By late 1956, Elvis was riding high and had outgrown the sporty little KH. So, in search of something more suitable, he went on down to the Memphis Harley-Davidson Co. that November to check out the new bikes. He rode out of the shop on a brand new 1957 FLH Hydra-Glide.

Elvis' new panhead FLH was solid black with the round red, yellow, and chrome Harley-Davidson badges on the tank. Since he had the cash and was now a young gentleman of leisure, Elvis shelled out for the "King of the Highway" option package for his new FLH. Essentially an early touring package, it included a set of Harley's famous "bubble bag" panniers, windshield, crash bar, luggage rack, 50s-tastic chrome "cheese grater" bumpers fore and aft, and a bunch of little chrome odds and ends. It even had a high-tech, foot-shifted transmission instead of the old, busted jockey shifter.

This was the first in a long line of Elvis-owned FLH bikes. The King preferred the big FLH over the smaller Sportster, and owned a ton of them over the years. In fact, his last FLH is up for auction soon and expected to bring in a pretty penny.