Before he was The King, Elvis was a jobbing musician trying to make it big while driving a truck for an electrical contracting company called Crown Electric. By 1955 he was making good money as a musician, and what does a young man do with money from his first big break? He buys a bike, of course.

Elvis' first Harley was a '55 ST165, but he outgrew it pretty quick and traded it in on a white-on-red '56 KH. Powered by an 883cc flathead mill, the snazzy little KH was the predecessor of Harley's long-lived Sportster. Elvis kitted his KH out with a windscreen and an optional pillion saddle for carrying his rotating cast of ladyfriends around. 

The KH might be Elvis' most recognizable bike. He was featured on the cover of  Harley's Enthusiast magazine riding it, and some of the most iconic photos taken of him during his early career feature the bike. In fact, the picture of Elvis looking pensively down while sitting on a motorcycle that everyone has seen was shot on that KH. Fun fact, you know what Elvis was thinking about in that picture? Probably the distance to the nearest service station since he was looking in the tank because he'd just run the bike out of gas.