Husqvarna is the oldest company on this list, with a history that stretches back over centuries rather than mere decades. First founded in 1689Husqvarna started as a state-owned company making muskets and other weapons for the Swedish military. The factory was privatized in 1757, and for the next 240-some years made rifles and shotguns for both the military and civilian market.

Motorcycle production didn't start until 1903, well after sewing machines, cast iron stoves and ovens, and bicycles. The company got into power equipment in 1919 with the production of its first lawnmower, and soon after was making chainsaws, power cutters, and other lawn and construction equipment. While Husqvarna hasn't produced a gun in decades—the last firearm it produced, a shotgun, was made in 1989—the three-pronged Husqvarna logo still hints at the company's martial history.