Cars and motorcycles are always better when they're inspired by a little history. Intended to be a recall to the Speed Twin of the '30s and '40s, the Speed Triple might be the oldest and riskiest option on the list (see: British and not Japanese), but it's still one of the coolest.

While the Speed Twin had (surprise!) a parallel twin engine, the Triple (no way!) has an inline-three. These days, the Triumph engine is 1050cc, but in the mid-to-late '90s, it was 885 on both the 900 and T509. The styling of the older Speed Triples isn't as sharp as some of the other bikes presented here, but it has a classic shape and those killer bugeye headlights nonetheless.

This customized '06 Speed Triple is located in Batavia, Ohio. It only has 12,000-ish miles on it and the owner claims it was "garage kept". Along with its low mileage and cushy garage digs, this bike has a ton of extras—from LED turn signals to gold adjustable levers to new handlebars. We're not entirely sure about those orange wheels, but this bike is a good deal nonetheless.