Set phasers for awesome (see what we did there?). The FZ1 is the guy who's like, "I'm naked" but is actually wearing a loin cloth. Except on the FZ1, that loin cloth is on its face, and it has large mirrors that look like alien or insect antennae. Those could fairly easily be removed, though, if you really want the Yamaha. Like on most Japanese bike, you'll never have to worry about the FZ1's reliability. That means low maintenance, whether you're doing daily riding, track days, or taking thousand-mile treks—all of which this bike can do.

Located in Sandusky, Michigan, this super clean, first gen Yamaha FZ1 is pretty sharp. Mileage is pretty average at around 22,000 miles and it has a bunch of aftermarket add-ons—Yoshimura exhaust, fender eliminator kit, LED turn signals, bar end mirrors, smoked windscreen, etc. It's even Yamaha blue, arguably the finest livery in the industry.