It's hard to say anything bad about the SV650. There are a ton of them around for sale, so prices are low, providing one of the best naked bike values. They're attractive and sporty, they handle well, they get respectable gas mileage, and they're easy to work on with plenty of available parts. The torquey 645cc v-twin engine is still a blast for more experience riders, and as long as you're not stupid, it's a solid bike to learn on as well.

This SV650 from the dawn of the 21st century is offered by a private seller in Pfafftown, NC. It has around 25,000 miles on the clock and some scuffed up paint from being dropped in a gravel parking lot (so the seller claims). It comes with a bunch of extra stuff like a Givi fairing, some touring kit, and even a shop manual. Not a bad deal for the finest bike ever made.