A couple of years into my riding career, I started to become pretty comfortable on my back wheel. I’d just figured out the whole balance point thing and had gotten my clutch wheelies down to a T. So I was doing my best to demonstrate my newfound skills to the world any chance I could because clearly, I’m a really well-adjusted and intelligent person.

On this one fateful day, I was merging onto the freeway when two young ladies in a Porsche passed me. Obviously, not showing off my super sweet wheelie skills just wasn’t an option, so I popped a big clutch wheelie, held it for a few seconds, and then brought it back down. I’d used my rear brake to land wheelies at lower speeds, but doing it at freeway speeds is different. The front wheel came down way too hard, and, though I somehow managed to remain upright, looked like the complete and total idiot that I was. Lesson learned. Namely, don’t be so dumb.

Photo: Youtube