Vintage Electric is yet another California-based ebike company that makes modern, fully electric two-wheelers semi-disguised as board-tracker style mounts from roughly a century ago. Like the Veitis, the VE Scrambler S features a battery pack design that not only mimic traditional finned V-Twins, but that also helps keep the temperature down. Board trackers are admittedly a great genre of motorcycle to imitate when trying to style a bike, as all most of them really were, were just bicycles with motors strapped to them.

Despite the presence of pedals and its legal classification as an electric bicycle, the Scrambler S genuinely lends the impression of riding a real motorcycle. Features like the speedo, inverted front-end, grilled headlight, CNC’d triple, and leather-wrapped grips all scream motorbike, plus the thing’s 750-Watts drivetrain allows for a 36-mph top speed. Unfortunately, for the price of the VE Scrambler, you can buy yourself a high-end entry-level motorcycle and have a grand or two remaining.

Price: $6,995

Source: Vintage Electric