First unveiled last year under the name of “E-Café”, Denzel Motors has taken its electric café racer from the digital rendering phase to production. The ECR, as it's now called, packs a 7.5kW motor that produces 13hp and can reach a top-speed of around 60mph. Range is as much as 87 miles when using the 60 Ah battery, and charge time is three hours. The ‘60s-inspired ebike is wrapped in full carbon fiber bodywork, which isn’t what you expect from a sub $6K Chinese ebike, but hey, we’ll take it.

Roughly comparable to a 125cc motorcycle, the V1 is a very basic, no-frills commuter—but no frills doesn't mean no style and the V1 has plenty of it. Thanks to the bike’s minimalistic nature, further customization—even of the extensive variety—looks to be pretty doable on the Denzel, albeit I’m not sure that was intentional. Either way, the ECR V1 is currently available for pre-order with only a $100 deposit down, and they’re expected to arrive in the US any day now, if they haven’t already.


Price: $5,800