From our own Tim Huber and his not-so-recent investigation of these helmets:

"Each helmet has built in Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and external glove-friendly buttons, enabling the use of phone calls, GPS, music, etc. Quin’s products also sport something called the “Intelliquin Crash Detection System” which uses sensors to detect forces in the event of a crash. These sensors inform emergency contacts of the downed rider’s location if said forces exceed 100 Gs. Quin’s helmets also boast “Intellequin SOS” units, allowing riders to manually trigger a distress signal to the nearest emergency responders."

That's different. This system is unique to these helmets, and not something we've seen before. Of course, the Quin website does not have any way to purchase the helmet even a year after this article was written, but we can hold out hope.

Source: Quin Helmets