Cheap used metric cruisers are a dime a dozen out there on the internet, so it takes something special like this lightly customized 1998 Honda Shadow Ace 1100 to really catch our eye. Why this bike? Well, a few reasons. Relatively low miles (just 41,000 on the clock), good features, some nice extras (a fancy pants Corbin saddle and a whole extra two-into-two exhaust system), and the fact that it's an 1100 were the primary items of interest. Plus, you know, it's a HondaOn top of all that, the bike features "beautiful hand-painted pinstriping". Of course, this being the internet, there aren't any pictures of said pinstriping so we'll just have to take the seller's word for it. It's only $2,500 though, so even if you don't like the pinstriping you can use your leftover tax refund on some new paint.