This poor thing, man. The seller/builder of this poor Ducati claims that it's a 1998 ST 2 customized to look like a "Mad Max" bike. To me it just looks like a hacked up Duc with a bedliner paint job and some stick-on Immortan Joe badges. Under all the faux apocalypse gubbins are the bones of a plucky, late-90s Ducati sport tourer and that counts for something at least. I'll give the seller this, he put a lot of work into this bike, and if nothing else it's successful in that it fulfills his vision and made him happy. Other than that, though? Eh. I put this one on the list in the hopes that someone would shell out the $2,500 the seller's asking and maybe return it to its former Italian sport touring glory. Either that or ride it into Valhalla.