As the technology that drives electric motorcycles advances, the bikes themselves get faster and lighter, they charge quicker, hold a charge longer and their range gets longer and longer. Zero began as a startup ten years ago, and has been in the game for longer than most electric motorcycle companies.

They’re innovating rapidly and the bikes show it; the 2019 is more powerful yet than last year’s model. Hop on this electric motorcycle and you’ll immediately note the lack of a clutch lever. That’s not because it’s an automatic transmission; it’s because it has no transmission at all. Electric motors can spool up faster than you can imagine, and all the torque they have is available immediately. All electric bikes like to tout a lack of maintenance, but keep in mind that while you don’t have to worry about clutches or engine oil or spark plugs, the bike still has wheel, steering head and swingarm bearings;  tires, and hydraulic brakes.