A high-tech monument to all things fast and green, Kawasaki's Good Times World is an interactive corporate museum located inside the Kobe Maritime Museum in Team Green's hometown of Kobe, Japan. Not as large or as comprehensive as Honda's Collection Hall, Good Times World is still a fascinating look into Kawasaki's long and storied history.

Contained in a single large room on the Maritime Museum's first floor, Good Times World packs about ten pounds of awesome into a five-pound bag. When you enter, you pass through the mandatory ancestral shrine Meet the Founders area to a nice display detailing Kawasaki company history. From there you can enter the centrally-located Kawasaki World Theater to watch videos or to the surprisingly comprehensive motorcycle gallery. The bike gallery hosts a constantly changing display of Kawasaki motorcycles and has a rad motorcycle racing simulator you can try out. Some of the bikes are even set up in a way that you can touch them and sit on them. How cool is that?

If you can make it past the bikes, you can check out displays of the various ships, trains, aircraft, and robots that the company makes (remember, it's Kawasaki Heavy Industries after all). There's even a whole section that details how Kawasaki is dedicated to protecting the environment which, well, color me suspicious on that one. It's a nice addition anyway. There's also a section called the Drinks Area which I assume is where you go to do a bunch of sake shots chased with ice-cold Sapporo. I hope so, at any rate.

It seems like Good Times World has done a whole lot with what little space it has. Personally, I'd prefer more bikes, but since I'm also a huge planes, trains, and ships nerd (especially ships) I'm not going to complain too much. 

Kawasaki's Good Times World is open daily 10:00 to 17:00 local time. Admission is super cheap, and it includes access to the entire Kobe Maritime Museum. If you don't have plans to be in Kobe any time soon, you can visit the Good Times World website and take a virtual tour