In 2018, Yamaha introduced its quirky, three-legged model, the Niken. Curiosity ensued and people who got to take it out for a ride were surprised at how close to a regular two-wheel bike it behaved—after all, Yamaha has mastered the art of the leaning suspension for its three-wheeler. For 2019, the brand introduced a new trim level for the Niken: the GT.

The most obvious addition to the bike is a pair of 25-liter locking removable hard bags, enabling you to take a few days worth of cargo on the road with you. The cargo carrier also features an integrated passenger handrail, and a second 12-volt outlet lets a passenger plug in a phone or heated gear.

The model also features a taller windscreen, a new, more comfortable saddle, as well as heated grips. The addition of the two letters comes at a $1,300 premium, a pretty reasonable deal for riders looking to hit the roads on three wheels.