While we’ve known since late 2017 that the new Tracer 900 and 900 GT were coming to the US, they were officially introduced as 2019 models. The Tracer is a new-ish model—in fact, Yamaha has mainly rebranded the FJ-09, streamlining its nomenclature. The name Tracer has been in use on the European market since 2015.

With its introduction to the American market, the Tracer 900 receives an updated aluminum chassis that integrates a longer swingarm. The handlebar is now narrower and the seats have been redesigned to improve comfort. The model also receives an updated design featuring a wider windscreen, hand guards, and integrated side case mounts.

The engine remains unchanged; an 847cc, three-cylinder mill originally found in the FJ-09. The GT adds to the model’s convenience and comfort with such features as adjustable traction control, cruise control, TFT display, adjustable fork, bigger fuel tank, and of course, side cases.