While all three Indian models are distinctive, we listed them all together because the changes they receive for 2019 are all the same. In fact, no major design or powertrain updates listed for 2019; what the three cruisers are getting instead is more technology. All models equipped with the Thunderstroke 111 mill are getting rear cylinder deactivation technology. The idea is to keep heat low, so once the engine reaches its optimal operating internal temperature, the system will deactivate the rear cylinder when on idle to avoid producing too much heat. This is meant to address rider-cooking issues when stuck in traffic. The 2019 model-year will also be offered with 3 riding modes: Tour, Standard, or Sport, that adapts the throttle map to the rider’s needs.

Indian has also improved the audio system by separating the tweeter from the mid-range speaker and adding a customizable dynamic equalizer.

Finally, the Roadmaster is singled out for a little fairing update, redesigned to maximize airflow. The vent can be fully opened or closed, for weather protection.