A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Cliff Vaughs led a pretty amazing life. Born in 1937, Vaughs was a Marine Corps veteran, a filmmaker, a bike designer, a civil rights activist, a traveler, a gearhead, a long-standing member of the Chosen Few MC (L.A. Chapter) and, at the end of his life, a sailor. He penned the designs for the Easy Rider bikes while working as an associate producer on the film, and worked closely with Ben Hardy to bring the bikes to life. In 1964, Vaughs filmed interviews with Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokeley Carmichael, and Julian Bond for a documentary called What Will the Harvest Be? about the rise of the black power movement in the U.S. He even broke the color barrier in the cameraman's union after suing to be let in in 1965. He was finally recognized for his work on Easy Rider in 2009 thanks to Jesse James, of all people.