This one built up quite the hype throughout 2018 until its official unveil at EICMA in November 2018. From patented CGI designs to leaked specs, we came to have high expectations of what the new-generation Beemer S had the potential to be. As we found out in Milan, BMW delivered. For 2019, the S 1000 RR is pretty much everything you want a superbike to be: lighter and more powerful.

This third generation of the model is built on a new FlexFrame that improves the bike’s aerodynamics, uses the engine as a structural component, and also helps keep the weight low. The new S is a staggering 24-lb lighter than the previous generation, now weighing in at 434 lb.

New generation also means new engine: the inline four has been revised and now features BMW’s variable valve timing technology called ShiftCam. The one-liter mill now produces 205 horsepower (207 if you’re in Europe). Other features include Dynamic Damping Control, Shift Assistant Pro, a quick-shift system that allows the rider to rapidly change gears without engaging the clutch, DTC Wheelie function, ABS Pro, as well as optional Launch Control feature, Pit Lane Limiter, and cruise control.