The CTX700 is as quirky as they come. The model was introduced in 2012, fitted with the unlikely downsized version of the Honda Fit’s 1.3-liter engine. It also receives a dual-clutch transmission, which makes it an “automatic” motorcycle and contrarily to its counterparts, this cruiser sports a parallel twin rather than a V. While the fully-faired version of the CTX was a little front heavy, the naked "N" version looks like a repurposed CB.

Its 670cc makes it the smallest motorcycle in this list and though the number might seem a bit daunting for a first motorcycle, the torque-focused mill is actually pretty easy to tame. The riding geometry puts hands and feet forward, making for an overall comfortable ride.

Pros: great beginner’s bike, easy model to get on

Cons: underwhelming performance, uncertain future

Note: We’re cheating a little as this isn’t a proper 2019—Honda hasn’t shared any details regarding a potential 2019 model year. Is a new generation in the works or is the brand dropping the model? We can’t tell for sure. If it’s any indication, the CTX did skip the 2017 cycle, however the fully faired version isn’t listed on the company’s site anymore. We’ll have to find out what this means. To be continued…