This quirky, vintage-looking ride is as bare and straightforward as they come. No fluff, no fancy techs: the VanVan is pretty much a direct descendant of the 70s-80s RV125 and has remained frozen in time. Granted, in 30 years, the engine has gained in refinement, now a 199cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder little thumper, but most of the components remain primal and basic.

The VanVan 200 almost looks like the cartoon version of a scrambler with its comically massive rear tire and puffy tuck and roll seat (bigger in size than the gas tank). One thing it is serious about, however, it’s fun. I challenge you not to have the dumbest grin on your face the first time you take off on it.

Weighting in at 282 lb, the little Suzuki isn’t as goofily proportioned as we might expect it to be and while it isn’t a big bike by any stretch of the imagination, the “Russian bear on a circus bike” effect isn’t as prominent as other small displacement models.

Pros: comfortable, straightforward maintenance

Cons: tiny gas tank