MSRP: $7,599

Engine Displacement: 749cc

Saddle Height: 28.3 inches

Curb Weight: 514 pounds

“My Dad had a Harley-Davidson, his dad had a Harley-Davidson, and my Grandmother still has her Harley-Davidson. I don’t care what RideApart says… I am getting a Harley!”

It’s a little-known secret out there in non-bike land that the Motor Company has a decent record of building accessible bikes. Powered by a smaller-displacement, de-tuned version of the VROD's Revolution engine, the Street models are smaller, lighter, and more accessible than the 883 Sportster lineup. You will pay more for the logo, but the Street 500 and Street 750 are solid cruisers for a beginner bike and still come in at less than $10,000 for a real, really real, Harley.