No one will ever call the Suzuki Boulevard S40 an attractive bike (that said, the short drag-style bars are a nice touch). It's a basic, no-frills cruiser, but therein lies its strength - there's just not a lot to complicate things for new riders. The 2015 model is basically the same S40 that we've seen for the past couple of years. Noobs will appreciate the low seat height (27.6 inches) and lightweight (381 pounds wet), and its MSRP of $5,749 makes it affordable. (Used prices on earlier models are even better and you're not missing out on much by buying an older version.) What makes it a better entry-level bike than Honda's similarly priced Rebel—the engine. The Boulevard S40 sports a 652cc single-cylinder powerplant that a new rider, with a bit of practice, will be able to handle.