Let the debate rage on: is this bike a cruiser? A standard? A glorified scooter? We're going to hang the cruiser tag on it, thanks to those forward footpegs and upright riding position. There's no rule that says all cruisers have to be Harley knock-offs, and Honda has definitely not been shy about pushing the tradition design envelope with several of their most recent releases. The CTX700 and its variants have new riders squarely in the crosshairs; along with a low seat height (28 inches), riders can opt for Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission and ABS to increase their confidence. The CTX700 is powered by a 670cc parallel twin; again, enough to give the bike some depth without terrifying its rider. This isn't a bike that's going to turn heads at Sturgis, but it's a good option for new riders who don't care about their image and just want a useful and capable first ride.