Though still only at the concept stage, the SuperNEX is a promise of something exciting coming to the realm of electric bikes. Not only is the model wickedly sexy and easy on the eyes; it’s also got brains to match. In fact, as explained by Kymco chairman Allen Ko, the SuperNEX isn’t meant to be just another electric motorcycle. It is meant as a “best of both worlds” kind of deal where the rider doesn’t have to sacrifice the pleasure of the ride to promote a greener future.

While most electric motorcycles leave engine notes and engaging rides behind to favor the absence of emissions, the SuperNEX promotes both. According to Ko, part of the satisfaction we find in riding is the pleasure of hearing the engine rev and of having the control by changing gears, something most electric vehicles nowadays have eliminated entirely.

This has prompted Kymco to fit the NEX with an Active Audio Motor that reproduces the sound of a sportsbike engine (though admittedly more digital sounding). Another clever feature is the six-gear transmission. Though there’s no proper clutch (something had to give), the rider can still enjoy the sound of a revving engine and the momentary “gulp” as the gears are changed.