Royal Enfield is coming up with something a little different this time. The brand we usually associate to military-inspired retro-looking models is approaching the vintage fad from a different angle. Inspired by its own history, Royal Enfield has decided to go down the bobber path with the introduction of the KX Concept.

From the 50s and 60s, RE is now dipping a toe in the 30s, in the pre-war time, before the brand had seen combat. Back then, the company did have a KX. Already back then, the KX was a monster equipped with 1,140cc sidevalve V-twin. Though in recent years, the formerly British brand has been enjoying the safety of the mid-size displacements, it looks like it’s ready to step out of its comfort zone by tackling an 838cc V-twin. The concept is delightfully retro with a few winks at its ancestor in the stretched out wheelbase and oversized wheels, but with a good balance of everything modern expected from 21st Century bike. It looks so cool.