Any GSX-R will scare you if you don’t respect the power it has, but that first year it was more about the handling. The 1985 GSX-R 750 has an inch shorter swingarm than later bikes of this generation and many people blame the shorter wheelbase on it being nervous and unstable at speed. Now, with 30 years of hindsight, it looks like it may have been that riders were not prepared for how radically different the Gixxer was. Weighing about 400lbs, with 100hp, a 56” wheelbase, and a rake of about 25 degrees, it doesn’t seem very radical today, but if you compared it to the 500+lb GS750 with 75hp, a wheelbase of nearly 60”, and a rake of nearly 30 degrees, it would seem as nervous as a BMX bicycle. Ride a first year GSX-R (not officially imported to the US) like a sport bike from 1995 and it will seem pretty normal, ride it like a bike from 1975 and it is going to feel like a race horse after a few coffees. You should respect the GSX-R, but no reason to be scared of it.