For years and years, rumors whirled through the high-end motorcycle collecting world of a mother lode of Brough Superiors hidden somewhere in the UK. As the years went on, researchers and nosy collectors slowly honed in on the supposed location—Bodmin, Cornwall. The collection was just an urban legend though, until one Mr. Frank Vague (perfect name, right?) finally broke his decades of silence and revealed not one, not two, not even three, but eight Brough Superiors hidden away in his Cornish barn.

Among the various SS100s, Alpines, and sidecar rigs (all in various atrocious states) was the ultra-rare BS4 shown here. The Brough Superior BS4 was equipped with an inline 4 Austin engine driving a narrow-mounted pair of rear wheels via shaft drive. Wild, totally wild. Only about a dozen BS4s were made (they were underpowered and unpopular), and it's amazing that this one survived at all. 

Mr. Vague's Broughs all went to auction in 2016 and, collectively, went for nearly £800,000. 

Source: Hemmings