This relic was discovered in the late aughts deep in a Polish forest about 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) from Warsaw. The corpse of its rider—either a Wehrmacht officer or dispatch rider—was found next to it. According to the sources we found, the bike and Nazi remains were found by a farmer sometime in 2009. The bike was stripped of much of its military accouterment and there were no weapons found on the body, which led the farmer to believe that the rider was killed during WWII by partisans who stole his weapons, ammo, and other fighting gear.  The corpse still had on the riding gear it died in, and some dog tags helped identify it.

Aside from the Traub, this DKW is the best-preserved bike of the bunch and could probably be restored. Who would want it, though? It's bad luck to ride a dead man's bike, after all.