The model per say isn’t new—the rest of the world has had a chance to enjoy it for a while now. For 2019, however, the US will see the name Tracer added to the Yamaha ranks, replacing the FJ-09.

With its introduction to the American market, the Tracer 900 receives an updated aluminum chassis, more specifically a new, longer swingarm. The handlebar is now narrower and seats have been redesigned for improved ergonomics. The model also receives an updated design featuring a wider windscreen, hand guards, and integrated side case mounts.

The engine remains the same 847cc, three-cylinder block originally found in the FJ-09. The Tracer 900 GT adds to the model’s convenience with such features as adjustable traction control, cruise control, TFT display, adjustable fork, bigger fuel tank, and of course, side cases.