Tiny and effective, this pump is coming with me on all future bike trips. It’s just so damn useful. Despite the size, the vertical cylinder and the way you apply your body weight to each stroke makes using it a cinch. When we finally got back on pavement south of Manic 5, it only took five minutes to air up our tires. It comes in a little zipper bag that I’ve turned into a complete tire repair kit with plugs, patches, reamers, glue, the works. Rather than rely on finicky CO2 capsules, we were able to cart around a fully functional air pump, which, if we had gotten any flats, would have been a godsend. The only problem is that the built-in pressure gauge was wildly inaccurate, so we had to carry a spare.  It weighs one pound, its longest diameter is six inches and it only costs $24. Amazing.