You need insect repellent if you’re traveling to Labrador. In addition to the omnipresent black flies, mosquitos swarm everywhere too. The idea with using a cream is that it’s a smaller, lighter package than a giant aerosol can and it doesn't make you smell like you dumped gasoline on yourself. This little tube is still half full after two of us used it frequently for two weeks.

34.4 percent DEET, the packaging includes a warning that it’ll strip paint, so I’m reluctant to rub it into my face. Instead, I rub it on my collar and under the brim of my ball cap, which seems to do the job. I’m not so precious about rubbing it on my exposed arms or even on my legs inside my pants at the top of my socks to keep out ticks and chiggers. Nothing is totally effective on black flies, but this seemed to help a little bit.