This is one of my favorite things on earth. I carry this every day on my keychain, but took it off and wore it in the headband for the trip. It’s barely larger than the AAA battery it takes, weighs nothing and puts out up to 80 crisp, clear lumens. That’s 8 lumens more than a huge four D cell incandescent Maglite. If that’s not enough, it can last for up to 50 continuous hours at 1.5 lumens and, like all LED lights, you’ll never have to change the bulb.

The little Maratac is more than enough for just about any task outdoors, but it’s a very floody light, so don’t expect it to penetrate more than 20 yards or so into a pitch black night.

I used this every night and was still on the same lithium battery when I got home. For $22, it’s a ridiculous bargain. Some people may find the mechanically identical ITP A3, with its integrated keychain loop, more practical.