Still use a Maglight? This LED flashlight puts out 350 lumens and throws a very tight, artifact-free hotspot out to a couple hundred yards. It’s like carrying one of those pistol grip spotlamps in your pocket.

Having said that, what’s essentially a car high beam isn’t all that practical as you’ll find yourself needing flood, not throw, 99 percent of the time. Luckily, it’s got low modes that enable it to go all the way down to .2 lumens and stay on continuously for 7.5 days.

Mainly I used this for keeping an eye on the bikes at night and making sure no bears were feasting on the bear bag hung a couple hundred yards outside of camp. It’s an awesome light, but something a little smaller is probably more practical more of the time for most people.

4Sevens is a new company based out of Georgia making very high-end LED flashlights. Their build quality, output levels, and features are peerless, but don’t buy directly from them; while they charge $150 for this light, it’s widely available elsewhere online for around $100. As an extreme example of what the latest in battery and LED technology are capable of, this is a neat toy.