This is the multi-tool I use for big jobs. The USP of the Powerlock is a hinge system that doubles the input force to the pliers/wire cutters. Once you try that,  you’ll never use anything else; the pressure of a firm handshake is enough to cut quarters in half. That means tasks like working loose seized bolts or just gripping your Klean Kanteen securely become twice as easy. Since I carry separate knives, I removed the blade and replaced it with a seatbelt cutter, all tools are user replaceable/customizable. I’ve now got wire strippers, scissors, a flat blade and phillips screwdriver, 1/4-inch driver, can opener, awl, wood saw, wire and blast cap crimpers all in one tool. Haven’t really needed the blast cap crimpers, yet. Built to take a beating, which it has many times and it still looks almost new.